Who We Are

In response to the proposed sale of the theater, several residents formed a grassroots, community-based effort to save and restore the historic Larchmont Playhouse so that it can serve as a dynamic, accessible neighborhood cinema offering diverse and memorable programming and film education for students of all ages. 

We are a non-profit under New York State law and have also received our 501(c)(3) designation.  All pledges will be tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

The Friends of Larchmont Playhouse include:

Betsy Bradley and Eric Lai, Ruth Bradley and Todd Harrington, Lori and Bob Brandon, James Breen, Thomas Breen, Michelle and Fred Daum, Nina and Michael Daum, Jackie and Richard Emmet, Monica Foster and Mark Balsam, Naomi and Dan Lowenthal, Jackie and Terence Paré, Elizabeth Reich and Rene Holl, Vicki and David Rosenstreich, Sara and Anders Toftgaard, Jessica Veith and Sid Mehta, Philippa and Phil Wharton, and Ellen and Michael Zuckert.

This is a vital historical site. It must stay a home for the arts.
— Alexandria Brammer, Larchmont, NY