In order to purchase the Playhouse, we need to raise approximately $1.2M in cash (the other offers for the Playhouse, offers which do not include a cinema in their future plans, have been made in cash). We have raised more than $550,000 in pledges in six weeks, but we need to raise at least $650,000 more. Please click below to join us and pledge your support as generously as you can. When pledges are fulfilled (assuming our bid is accepted and contracted signed) they will be tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

We believe that a village like Larchmont cannot afford to lose its only cultural anchor and one of its most historic buildings. Like the nearby towns of Bedford, Pelham, Pleasantville, Ridgefield and Stamford, who have all rescued their local cinemas, we believe that a community-supported movie theater can and should play an active role in the social and commercial life of the 21st century suburb.  Movies fuel the imagination, stoke creativity, and inspire art: let's keep that transporting power alive in Larchmont, too.



Sign our petition to the seller's broker, asking that Larchmont be allowed to keep its historic movie theater for future movie-going generations!